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How Techday can boost your lead generation campaigns

Sun 22 Aug 2021

Lead generation campaigns are a tried and true way of targeting and capturing prospects who have a genuine interest in your business.

You may want to use lead capture campaigns for the following reasons:

  • Registrations for a webinar or event
  • Registrations for a product demonstration
  • Gated white papers or e-books
  • A way for prospects to find out more about a product or service

How it works

At Techday, we offer several ways to promote your lead generation campaign through our sponsored story or traffic driver offerings.

You can do this by embedding a link to a specific landing page of your choice into the sponsored story, ad, or traffic driver. We call this a call-to-action (CTA). 

This CTA also encourages people to click through to your landing page, for example, ‘Register now’ or ‘Click here to receive a free product demonstration’.

While we do not collect any leads on your behalf, we guarantee that each sponsored story will receive 50,000 impressions and 1,500 reads. 

Each traffic driver is tailored to your needs based on a cost per click basis. You can book as many clicks as you would like, but you need to book a minimum of 100 clicks..

Each sponsored story and traffic driver is sticky to our website for two weeks, and sponsored stories also appear on our daily newsletters.

Why Techday?

We run a network of news sites around the world, targeting specific niches in technology including enterprise, security, channel, small business, and consumer.

We’ve been in the industry for 15 years and have many of the world’s market-leading technology brands advertising with us.

We've had enormous success working with clients on their lead generation campaigns. We’re excited to see how we can drive leads for you, and we can't wait to work with you on it. 

If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to assist, contact your digital account manager or contact us here.

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