19 Jun 2014
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HP ups cloud ante with Helion release

HP has introduced HP Helion Managed Storage, a managed cloud storage offering designed to help organisations save money and increase operational efficiency by leveraging the capacity they need, when they need it.

The storage infrastructure demands of enterprises are increasing by about 25 percent year over year, creating an "urgent need" in the eyes of the tech giant to "proactively invest to ensure sufficient storage capacity."

However, investing in storage that won’t be efficiently used is a luxury that most businesses can’t afford.

The need for controlled and secure, yet flexible and fast, IT resources to manage, archive and recover data, has led to a demand for a utility-like, fully managed storage model, the HP hierarchy claims.

“While HP has offered a managed consumption base model for over 14 years, our new HP Helion Managed Services offering gives customers an increased level of control over their managed services and IT resources at a significant cost savings,” says Jim Fanella, vice president, Workload and Cloud, HP Enterprise Services.

“Our Helion offerings are unique from other industry services due to the simplification of file management and interface, performance scalability options and availability of backup services for servers and personal devices.”

HP Helion Managed Services are delivered in a fully managed model that insulates customers from unexpected expenditures, as well as ongoing storage administration and maintenance costs.

By providing an agile alternative to the need to own and manage storage assets, HP Helion Managed Services aims to let organisations focus their capital and IT resources to support business goals.

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