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I'm forever blowing bubbles

01 Aug 2006

One time we used bubbles to attract delegates to our stand. Not Bubbles the Clown, nor Bubbles from Ab Fab (now there’s an idea...) but just plain old soap bubbles from a bubble machine. Delegates would see the bubbles floating about and, intrigued, track them down to their source. Now, this was a rather dry conference we were at, so the bubbles we’re a bit of light relief after all the speeds and feeds talk that delegates had been subjected to. And since the event was a very specific industry event virtually anyone that turned up at our stand was a likely prospect.Why mention this? Well, sure, it was a gimmick, but it worked fine both in attracting and stopping people at our stand. The point is that we’d thought about what we wanted to achieve beforehand and built our event participation around that objective.