10 Apr 2015
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Imation celebrates partners and customers

By Catherine Knowles

In order to commemorate two million devices sold, Imation has launched its Golden Ironkey Program for top customers and channel partners, including those based in the ANZ region.

Imation, the global data storage and information security company, will give away 1,000 golden encrypted flash drives as part of the program.

The limited-edition golden drives will be awarded to channel partners that have secured the biggest customer deals, as well as some customers themselves.

The company will also be offering the special drives to qualified prospects who are participating in marketing promotions such as trade shows, CrowdChats and other marketing activities.

Embedded systems security has come under scrutiny with the recent rise in USB-related attacks from BadUSB and the Equation Group.

Both attacks altered devices at the firmware level, making them undetectable by normal antivirus and anti-malware software.

In response to this, IronKey has built its products with a security-first mentality that includes hardware and firmware.

This discipline includes standard features such as firmware signing, which protects all IronKey devices against malware, physical tampering and advanced threats such as BadUSB and the Equation Group.

“We’ve earned the trust of our customers and partners in more than 50 countries by securing them against the risks that arise when unsecured USB drives are allowed inside the network,” says Barbara Nelson, Imation Mobile Security (IronKey) general manager and vice president.  

“The Golden IronKey program was developed to honour their vision and understanding of the risks as well as to raise general industry awareness and to help companies avoid falling victim to the next Equation Group,” Nelson.

IronKey will start promotions in April and continue while supplies last. 

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