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Ingram Micro partners with Meta to boost VR technology reach
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

Ingram Micro has formed a strategic alliance with Meta. The partnership is designed to permit Ingram Micro's resellers to assist clients in exploring the realms of virtual and augmented reality. These immersive experiences have the potential to shape the future dynamics of work and learning.

The demand for virtual reality (VR) is surging. Through its partnership with Meta, Ingram Micro can extend cutting-edge VR solutions to businesses and consumers. By aligning with Meta, Ingram Micro is well-poised to cater VR experiences to a wide array of industries, including gaming, healthcare, educational sectors, and enterprise.

Ingram Micro's powerful vendor relationships, broad distribution network, technical expertise, and customer-centred strategies are the backbone of its plan to expand the reach of Meta’s VR products and services. Furthermore, the partnership aims to enable businesses and developers to venture beyond conventional limits and harness the potential of VR for fueling work processes in the future. The advanced applications of this technology include solutions for remote collaboration, immersive training modules, virtual conferences, and interactive presentations. The overall goal is to enhance creativity, encourage collaboration, and boost productivity in businesses.

Users will be submerged in a unique immersive experience that presents them with custom-made services, access to advanced applications, and specialized content. This responds to the growing needs and uses of VR in various businesses. Within this web of ingenious solutions, businesses can amalgamate virtual reality into their operations through the Meta Quest for Business platform. This platform enables the management of Meta devices by administrators, providing business updates and remote control over their devices by integrating with third-party MDM providers.

Ingram Micro’s Senior Vice President and Chief Country Executive, Tim Ament, emphasised the company's dedication to innovation. He announced,” With the launch of Ingram Micro Xvantage™ this year in Australia and New Zealand, our customers and vendor partners will be able to simplify their business operations through a seamless and personalized experience. Our innovative platform ecosystem is designed to transform the way we do business."

Christine Trodella, Meta’s VP of B2B Commercial Sales, proclaimed, “The incredible advancements in mixed reality technologies empower users to learn through active hands-on experiences versus passive absorption of information. This is a significant change for Learning & Development, drastically altering the way users learn and retain new skills.”

In support of the effectiveness of VR training, reports from the VR learning platform Talespin suggest that training in VR is drastically more effective than e-learning or classroom lessons, and it can hike confidence on the job by 275% post-training.

Hope McGarry, Ingram Micro’s Director, Advanced Solutions Group, Specialty and Commercial for Australia, asserted, “With new technologies enabling new ways of working, learning, and creating, our team at Ingram Micro is eager to pioneer this transformation in the future of work. By bringing the potential of the metaverse and immersive VR technologies into businesses and educational institutions through our distribution platform, we aim to lead change in the region."