Ingram Micro seeds success

09 Aug 12

Ingram Micro’s Apple division has added 420 new product codes into its system in recent months as the company signs up a raft of new vendor partnerships, aiming to become the single source for New Zealand resellers seeking Apple accessories.

The division — spun off into its own unit earlier this year in an indication of how seriously the distributor is taking the market opportunity — now handles more than 50 third party vendors compatible with Apple.

Kelly Eyerman, Ingram Micro’s Apple division ANZ senior business manager, says: “We are Switzerland. This is about customer choice and bringing in more options for resellers to increase their margin opportunities.

“We are partnering with strategic vendors that complement Apple and the mobility category to bring new technology and products to the New Zealand market so resellers have choice.”

Among the new vendors brought on in recent months are Joy Factory, Scosche, Surc, NCH, JCPal and nKliq.

While some of the companies have ANZ distribution agreements, others, like Joy Factory, are testing the waters first in New Zealand.

Eyerman, who is also a formal advisor to Ingram Micro’s Australian Apple division, notes that unlike Apple products themselves, resellers don’t need to be authorised to sell the third-party accessories. Adds Andrew Fergus, Apple marketing development manager “And this is where the margin is anyway.”

Sleeves, screen protectors, speakers and headphones abound in the product line-up, along with items including wireless charging stations, bubble shields, smart ePens and virtual laser keyboards. Microsoft and Adobe software alternatives, along with some ‘unique’ offerings from software development company NCH are also on offer.

iluv’s range alone includes 600 products, including 200 headphone offerings.

Eyerman says resellers will have access to the entire range of products from all of the vendors, with Ingram Micro stocking a core range for each vendor. There is a two week turn around in the supply chain for stock not held in New Zealand.

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