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Ingram Micro's Lenovo team changes the game and snubs one-size-fits-all model

Wed, 20th Jul 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

In today's increasingly digital world, differentiation has become crucial. Given the scope of unique businesses and circumstances within our industry, a one-size-fits-all approach often ends up being of benefit to only a few.

Swapneil Diwaan, senior market development manager at Ingram Micro, explains that the Ingram Micro approach is different.

“The Ingram Micro Lenovo team designs marketing to meet the client's objectives and to build the client's business,” Diwaan says. “Be it lead generation, marketing campaigns, client events or reward programs, we proactively and creatively cater to our partners' individual needs, so they have access to promotions, incentives and outcomes specific to their unique requirements.

Instead of the classic ‘buy one, get one free' promo, Ingram Micro's Lenovo team delivers unique and exciting initiatives, that offer both business and personal reward. Recent examples include a BMW track driving experience, a fishing trip on Great Barrier Island, mountain biking, quad biking and a trip to Queenstown. Click here to see their most recent promo.

Business manager for Ingram Micro's Lenovo DCG team, Kaz Otsubo, explains further, “There are many varieties of reseller in the New Zealand market and their business models are dramatically different from one another. We have a keen interest in understanding our partners' businesses, and substantial effort goes into learning about each individual customer before we begin tailoring marketing strategies and then executing them together. Having a specific and targeted approach means everyone involved gets a better return.

To get an idea of the benefits that come from Ingram Micro's exemplary service, one needs only to ask one of their clients, chief executive officer of New Era IT, Greg Strachan.

“Lenovo DCG is a valued partner for New Era, representing excellent value, reliability and performance for our clients' server infrastructure needs,” says Strachan. “The Ingram Micro Lenovo DCG team enables us to customise server hardware, giving us the flexibility to tailor solutions that meet the specific requirements and budgets for schools. “

Ingram Micro general manager of advanced solutions, Jason Langley says his team focuses on driving greater value for its business partners by taking a holistic approach to the partnership.

“Ingram Micro excels at providing value to its partners in many ways – technical expertise and enablement, sales support, vendor engagement and all-important marketing support come together to help partners grow their businesses, which is ultimately what the Lenovo DCG team is here to achieve," Langley says. "It's a partnership approach, it's what we believe in and it's working."

If you want to work with the Ingram Lenovo DCG team, get in touch to enquire about your own exclusive and customised program.

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