19 Aug 2009
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Insite delivers more for less in education market

NComputing’s X- and L- series virtual desktops are now available to resellers through Insite, which it says hopes to add more resellers who have an interest in the product. NComputing’s previous distributor was MPA, who won the company over from Ingram Micro last year.

Mark Dasent, GM at Renaissance, said that NComputing wanted to focus on the education sector and left MPA in order to enhance its presence in that market.

“They haven’t been happy with the level of activity and the level of sales in the New Zealand market relative to other countries and parts of the world, so that’s why we’ve come on board,” he said.

NComputing specialises in low cost virtual desktops for schools, government and non-profit agencies, which do not usually have the budget for a large amount of new computers. One powerful X550 unit for $899 delivers computing to five additional users on a single PC. The units also use on average one watt of electricity, compared to 110 watts for a standalone PC, making NComputing one of the greenest options available.

Dasent said that the acquisition expands opportunities for resellers because each system also requires users to buy keyboards, mouses, monitors and servers, as well as service providers. NComputing is a low-cost entry product and Insite is eager to take on more resellers for the product.

The NComputing product will be shown at various education trade shows around New Zealand, and according to Dasent, Insite’s goal is to “get out that the product is available and we’re interested in taking on new resellers who have got an interest in the product”.

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