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IntegrationWorks, Revera and StackAlliance team up for government

By Heather Wright, Tue 19 Apr 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

IntegrationWorks has teamed up with Revera and the Stack Alliance to capitalise on growing demand from New Zealand government agencies for digital transformation and cloud offerings.

IntegrationWorks will partner with Stack Alliance vendors to provide public sector buyers a blend of services and technologies for government IT environments and to drive maturity of integration systems.

The Stack Alliance is a multi-vendor community aligned to the Revera cross-government IaaS service catalogue. Led by Revera, it offers services and solutions at different layers above infrastructure to government agencies.

Ian Vanstone, IntegrationWorks CTO, says there is a growing appetite in the New Zealand government agencies for digital transformation and cloud based offerings.

“With the speed of this transformation, there is a huge increase of disparate applications and legacy systems that are in need of a digital shift to be able to open up their data-sets both internally and externally,” Vanstone says.

“This allows them to compete on a global stage, externalise their data and appease the needs of the New Zealand community who want access to their government facilities and information online,” he adds.

Vanstone says opening up and connection of digital channels and applications needs to be done through integration layers, APIs and ESB platforms, which IntegrationWorks will deliver in partnership with Stack Alliance vendors.

IntegrationWorks says it will be kicking off projects with Stack Alliance partners, to meet market demand.

The company says the partnership will develop integration strategy and road-mapping for clients, designing integration layers through architecture and custom building of integration platforms.

The IntegrationWorks devOps team will build the integration platforms working closely with specialist development and architectural teams from other vendors.

“Through collaboration, the Stack Alliance will deliver timely, efficient and market-leading services for government,” IntegrationWorks says.

IntegrationWorks middleware partners include IBM, MuleSoft, Oracle, WSO2 and RedHat.

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