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Intel Security: Partnering all the way

By Heather Wright, 19 Jun 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Intel Security has sounded the warning for competitors in the New Zealand market, saying the company, joined by distributor Dicker Data, is doubling down on local efforts and plans to ‘really make a mark’ locally.

While other security vendors are pulling resources from New Zealand, Intel Security has taken the opposite tack, ramping up its local presence and launching a new, potentially lucrative, channel partner programme for its resellers.

“With the proven pedigree of an established security company like McAfee being bought by a giant of the IT industry like Intel, great things were always going to happen,” says Lou Nunn, Dicker Data business unit manager.

Luke Power, Intel Security ANZ channel sales director, says the company, which moved to a sole distributorship with Dicker Data last year is ‘really looking to grow our New Zealand business’.

The sole distribution agreement sees two Dicker Data funded staff dedicated to Intel Security on the ground in New Zealand, with Lotte Maxwell-Bayly as Intel Security channel manager, and Hamish Thompson in the role of Intel Security channel sales engineer.

“We’ve never had a channel team on the ground before, we now do with Lotte and Hamish, and they’re able to get around the channel and do things like lunch and learns, raising awareness and as a result they’re helping channel win business that we had no idea of before,” Power says.

Nunn says Intel’s MSP security solutions are impressive and fit Dicker Data’s business well. Around 12% of the distributor’s total NZ revenue comes from subscription offerings across all vendors already.

“So adding the Intel offerings to this is a no-brainer and will happen in the very near future,” he says.

“Subscription is where the market is going and security is no different.”

Nunn says moving to these models can be confusing for resellers and end-users, necessitating the distributor to become the educator and enabler. “We often have more experience than anyone.”

Intel Security’s story around its security connected portfolio and the benefits this brings ‘can’t be matched’ Nunn says.

“Endpoint security, network security, risk and compliance is what they do and we are proud to be associated with them, as they are to be associated with Dicker Data in New Zealand.”

New benefits for partners July 01 will see the launch of a new Intel Security partner programme, which heralds new opportunities for channel partners.

Maxwell-Bayly says while Intel Security’s partner programme is already rated in the top 25 in the world, ‘they are enhancing it slightly to better meet partner requirements as they are today.’

That includes shifting some of the investment away from rebates which are paid out only when targets are achieved, to upfront discounts for partners.

Maxwell-Bayly says Dicker Data will assist with net new opportunities driven through deal registration, incumbency advantage and teaming plans, protecting a partner’s interest and offering up to 25% additional margin.

Adds Power: “And if you get your deal approved and you get your 25% and you quote it and you lose it against another partner who has won the pricing off standard pricing, we will pay you 5% of the deal value, regardless of whether you have won it or not.”

Incumbency advantage will ensure partners who have sold a solution and managed a customer receive a discount of up to 10% at the time of the license renewal.

“If another reseller was to do a drive-by and attempt to pick up that renewal, then they wouldn’t be able to compete, based on the discount they would get from Intel Security and Dicker Data at least,” Maxwell-Bayly says.

The teaming plan is geared to catch higher, more complex solutions, above $250,000 and potentially involving an RFP or RFQ.“ It’s where a deal registration just isn’t enough,” she says. “We work out the best approach with the partner, and provide the skills and resources to close the gap, where a reseller needs assistance.”

Changes have also been made to enablement to make it easier for partners to achieve certifications.

“Intel Security and Dicker Data are working together in making it easier for partners to achieve through enablement, with the vast majority of training provided free of charge to partners,” Maxwell-Bayly says.

Partners’ achievements will also be considered on a month by month basis, rather than annually.

“We will elevate them to the next status monthly, but we will not downgrade them monthly,” she says.

“It’s an area partners can really struggle with. If they’ve got a highly skilled technician that does professional services and they leave, all of a sudden the reseller loses their status, or when they achieve certification and targets they can have to wait a couple of quarters to be elevated to the next status and enjoy those discounts that come with being at a higher level.”

Nunn says Intel Security’s channel partnering philosophy ‘really impresses’. He says at a recent Intel Security partner conference in Macau, Intel Security posted a slide highlighting the company’s ‘6 Rules of Engagement’

  • Rule 1: engage channel partners early.
  • Rule 2: Deal registration or teaming plan with every business deal.
  • Rule 3: Treat all opportunities as indirect.
  • Rule 4: Maintain loyalty to the incumbent channel partner
  • Rule 5: Never directly quote end-users or channel partners/resellers, unless quoting non-discontinued list prices
  • Rule 6: Respect confidentiality of channel partner’s engagement in a competitive market.

“Many vendors talk around these points, but follow-through is scarce,” Nunn says.

“Senior managers like Intel Security APAC vice president Gavin Struthers made it very clear that this was the way forward and that the stated ‘rules of engagement’ would be adhered to.

Adds Nunn: “There was good buy-in from all Intel staff, so now it’s up to the partners to play their part in the equation.”

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