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InterSystems launches revolutionary HealthShare Health Connect Cloud in New Zealand
Thu, 23rd Nov 2023

InterSystems, a data technology provider, has announced the launch of InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect Cloud in New Zealand. Announced during Digital Health Week NZ 2023, the revolutionary technology addresses healthcare data integration, security and connectivity in the cloud.

HealthShare Health Connect Cloud serves healthcare needs of all sizes, from small clinics to the world's largest and most complex systems. The solution offers interoperability and cloud functionality, permitting healthcare providers to balance their integration requirements and preferred deployment models. 

The reach of the HealthShare Health Connect Cloud extends to Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, who can now access it directly through AWS Marketplace. AWS customers benefit from a simplified procurement process with flexible contract models, improved governance and control, licence management and renewals, and favourable pricing and terms.

Darren Jones, Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand for InterSystems, said: "We are witnessing an increased demand for healthcare interoperability in New Zealand, especially using the HL7 FHIR data sharing standard."

The drive for this technology is propelled by innovative use cases that unlock value for healthcare providers, regardless of the existing interface counts or message volume.

Jones added: "Much of the demand is driven by incremental, innovative use cases which don't necessarily include large interface counts or message volume but still unlock considerable value for healthcare providers. Many healthcare providers find that commercial models for traditional interoperability solutions haven't evolved and don't fit their new requirements."

Jones emphasised that their cloud solution is designed for scalability, starting from a single-interface provider and expanding seamlessly to regional or country-level interoperability. Collaboration with AWS enables customers to quickly deploy the solution within days and incur costs based on actual usage, offering a flexible and cost-effective approach.

"From day one, our cloud solution, on the other hand, scales from a provider with a single interface all the way up to regional or country-level interoperability. Working with AWS, customers can get up and running within days and only pay for what they use," said Jones. 

The Health Connect Cloud streamlines interoperability and data integration between clinical systems and applications. As a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution, it guarantees delivery, reliability, and stability while managing the whole infrastructure. This enhanced data automation and management capability ultimately improves patient outcomes.

Supporting HL7 FHIR interactions, Health Connect Cloud gives healthcare organisations the necessary resources, translations and intuitive tooling for custom transformations between health data representations such as HL7 V2 and FHIR or a non-standard format and FHIR. This feature enables unmatched interoperability, power and flexibility.

Further, Health Connect Cloud resolves the learning curves associated with cloud migration, managing the infrastructure for healthcare providers and permitting them to take advantage of the cloud's inherent security benefits. This makes it easier for providers to connect distributed datasets and efficiently move workloads and information across cloud solutions and on-premise services, improving workflows across the care continuum.