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InterSystems releases solution for self-service BI

Thu 22 Oct 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

InterSystems, a data technology provider, has its IRIS Adaptive Analytics, a new solution within InterSystems IRIS data platform and InterSystems IRIS for Health. 

The solution provides business users with ease of use and self-service analytics capabilities to visualise, analyse, and interrogate live data and get the information they need in order to make business decisions without being experts in data design while providing the ability for IT and data stewards to apply centralised control.

InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics was developed in partnership with AtScale, a provider of Intelligent Data Virtualisation for advanced analytics.

The new solution provides seamless integration between live data in InterSystems IRIS and popular third-party business intelligence (BI) tools including Tableau, as well as Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel. 

InterSystems IRIS Advanced Analytics simplifies the process for data designers to manage a common analytic data model and for business users to create and modify BI dashboards without needing IT involvement. 

The Adaptive Analytics solution also extends the scalability of InterSystems IRIS to support analytic workloads with larger data sets.

“For businesses to be successful – at any time, and especially during times of disruption – business leaders need to look deep inside their data and processes to understand exactly what is happening in the moment, then predict and respond to changes in the environment,” says InterSystems data platforms vice president Scott Gnau. 

“With InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics, coupled with the deep integration, data management, and advanced analytics capabilities already offered with our data platforms, we’re providing even greater capabilities that enable business users to ensure the continued success of the business, especially in times of disruption.”

“Organisations need to provide their business users and data analysts with the ability to gain insights into every aspect of the enterprise in real-time,” adds AtScale executive chairman and CEO Christopher Lynch. 

“The powerful combination of AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualisation capabilities and InterSystems market-leading data platform technology delivers faster time-to-insight and better business decisions for a wide range of users across the enterprise at scale.”

InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics adds relational online analytical processing (ROLAP) capabilities to complement the existing multidimensional online analytical processing (MOLAP) capabilities already offered with InterSystems IRIS. 

The new solution will be available in a forthcoming InterSystems IRIS release.

This announcement was made at InterSystems Virtual Summit 2020, a remote version of the company’s annual user conference, Global Summit.

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