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Is mega centralisation working at Renaissance?

23 Jul 2010

From conversations with a number of Renaissance insiders and customers, things are stablising at the Auckland-based distributor. A string of positive announcements seem to be improving morale, including the MagnumMac return to profitability announcement, the appointment of Chris Knox and the New Zealand iPad launch.

From the outside it seems more attention is being paid to the all important vendor relationships, with whispers of unhappy vendors dieing down. Last month The Channel reported that up to four of the of the companies distribution brands are in peril. Allot has announced its move, but The Channel has yet to receive confirmation of whether Renaissance will continue its distribution of the specialised networking brand.

But one of the most frequently heard rumours regarding the loss of the flagship brand SonicWall seems no longer to be on the cards. Repeated calls to SonicWall regarding the subject have gone unanswered, but sources close to the action say the appointment of Chris Knox may have stemmed the tide.

Could the new CEO Richard Webb's strategy of mega centralisation really be finding its feet ? Tell us your thoughts below.