ChannelLife NZ - Is Oracle's Database 12c set to surprise?

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Is Oracle's Database 12c set to surprise?

Oracle has recently announced the long-expected release of the next edition of its flagship data platform, Oracle Database 12c, but will it surprise?

Tony Baer, principal analyst for Ovum’s enterprise solutions team, thinks it will.

“There are few surprises in this release – Oracle has promoted the cloud theme of the 12c brand for roughly 18 months and disclosed the new feature of pluggable databases last fall," he says.

"But the lack of surprise does not mean lack of significance."

Oracle Database 12c embraces the cloud wholeheartedly with a different approach to multi-tenancy according to Baer.

"Instead logically segmenting a single database, pluggable databases keep the database instances separate while still allowing them to be managed as a single, grouped resource," he says.

"Pluggable databases will provide significant productivity and resource savings for Oracle customers considering database consolidation, on or off premises.”

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