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It IS easy baeing green

01 Dec 2007

At the end of October, D-Link released the industry’s first green Ethernet technology for network connectivity.  Nothing has changed with the channel structure, but partners can now offer an environmentally friendly Ethernet option.  Even when a computer is shut down, switches often remain on and continue to consume a considerable amount of power. Using D-link’s Green Ethernet technology, the new switches can detect when a computer is turned off, and then respond accordingly by changing into power standby mode, thus reducing power usage for that port. The technology also addressed the fact that switches normally send full power to cables regardless of their actual length. Using D-link’s Green Ethernet technology, the switches can analyse the cable’s length and adjust the power accordingly. The new switches have been widely available since late November, and for any SOHO switch that has a green option, the old, original option will no longer be available.  Packaging has been altered to highlight the “green” aspect, and the move highlights D-Links commitment to the environment.  A commitment to its customers is evidenced by D-Link’s choice to not alter the price of its Ethernet switches, even with the new technology and long-term cost saving benefits.“In design of products, we’re doing our part to look into power saving functionality,” said Maurice Famularo, ANZ Marketing Manager for D-Link.  At the recent D-Link@Work Business Solutions Seminar held in Auckland for NZ partners and prospective partners, D-Link’s business range was highlighted in detail, and special attention was also given to D-Link’s Green Ethernet technology.  Attendees expressed appreciation for the well-planned seminar that detailed the networking product manufacturer’s product suite and future plans.