It's a hybrid cloud world

20 Nov 12

Kiwi businesses will be living with a hybrid cloud for the foreseeable future according to a Safenet survey, which shows 62% of ANZ businesses want a mix of public and private cloud solutions.

Twenty-six per cent of the 122 ANZ IT leaders polled in the Safenet Cloud Security Survey want to set up their own private cloud, while 12% said they would prefer to leverage public cloud.

Russ Dietz, Safenet CTO, says the results are ‘very typical’ of what has been seen elsewhere and  indicative of an educated market which has had the benefit of seeing what markets elsewhere have done, the ROI achieved and the true costs.

“People are looking to use cloud as part of their solutions and they’re looking for partners and channel to tell them how to handle security and authentication that will carry them into the cloud as well as working with traditional [IT], without the need for a rip and replace” Dietz says.

Dietz says 65% of businesses are looking at cloud to provide anywhere, anytime access to business systems, while 62% are using it for cost savings and 52% see it as a way of achieving maintenance savings while providing a less complex environment.

Only 19% are looking at cloud to provide improved security and compliance – something Dietz says is at odds with more mature markets where there has been a dramatic shift, with around 60% in North America and Europe looking to cloud to deal with data and compliance issues.

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