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The Jabra Speak 710 will dramatically enhance your office experience

The Jabra Speak 710 is a remarkable little speaker that does it all. 

The device has a high performing Omni-directional microphone and HiFi grade speaker.

This means that with the ability to pair two Speak 710 devices users get a full stereo experience.

This takes the speaker beyond the conference room, as companies looking to spice up their Friday afternoons with some music can use the booming sound of the Jabra 710 to bring some life into the office. 

This is only elevated by how easy the device is to use, as it works through an Intuitive plug-and-play system. 

This means that users can just plug the USB that comes with the speaker into their PC and the device will just work. 

While testing the device I also found that it had a staggering 15 hours of battery life, this puts it well above plenty of its competitors.

The device does take just under four hours to charge, however. 

The device also has in-room coverage for up to six people, when two devices are connected that expands coverage for up to 12 people.

Users can also personalise their speak with MS Cortana, Siri or Google now, as it seamlessly integrates with the AI of your choice.

Now for those of you worried about the sound quality let me put those fears to ease, it is loud, clear and bassy (when it needs to be). 

When you pair two of these speakers together it doesn’t matter what task you give them, the sound quality will astound you.

While on a call with my colleague, for example, her voice came through clear, despite all of the background noise.

To top it all off the device has a five-meter microphone pick up and the USB dongle fits into the back of the device, next to the stand. 

Jabra Speak 710 overview: 
  • Immersive sound for calls and music.
  • Intuitive plug and play connectivity.
  • Exclusive portable design.
  • In-room coverage for up to 6 people.
  • Personalise your Speak with MS Cortana, Siri or Google now.
  • Compatible with all leading UC platforms.

For more information please email NZ-Jabra Enquiries at