03 Oct 2013
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Keep Calm and Bring Your Own

Embracing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture offers organisations several benefits including increased employee satisfaction and productivity while lowering overall total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile devices.

But embracing BYOD brings many challenges for IT administrators.

How do they protect their organisation from mobile device threat vectors? Mobile devices have become a common platform to conduct business, with connections to the Internet and to networks.

But devices such as smartphones and tablets — designed for consumer use — may lack many of the security, operating system access and management features needed.

So how do IT teams find balance between promoting business productivity while also protecting devices and users? Trustwave can help.

Trustwave secures BYOD deployments with integrated technologies that protect networks, users and data. Enterprise Network Access Control (NAC) is an integral component of Trustwave’s Mobile Security solution.

Trustwave Enterprise NAC enables granular control over network access and continuous monitoring of network endpoints to help prevent the spread of malware and other threats that can leave your network and organization vulnerable and expose your business to potential harm.

Trustwave Enterprise NAC mitigates challenges related to BYOD and supports your BYOD and mobile access strategy and initiatives through:

Device Identification

Clear identification of iOS and Android personal mobile devices as well as others that connect to the corporate network.

Authentication and Device Categorisation

Easy authorization and placement of devices into BYOD specific security zones for management purposes.

Threat Prevention

Via automated detection and restriction or quarantine of noncompliant devices based on device type, vulnerability assessment, potentially malicious behaviour, or infection.

Trustwave NAC detects and continuously evaluates all entrants to the target network based on acceptance criteria for pre-admission and continuous monitoring post-admission.

You’ll find more information on Trustwave’s Mobile Security solutions here. Trustwave is available exclusively to the New Zealand channel from Express Data.

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