01 May 2011
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Leasing to meet green commitments

Despite testing economic conditions, New Zealand companies remain committed to a sustainable approach to business according to research commissioned by Equico. Sustainable disposal of ICT equipment is important to three-quarters of NZ businesses, with one in four choosing to dispose of ICT equipment through a recycling organisation and 28% using a specialist ICT waste disposal organisation.Although sustainability is a primary concern for organisations, there is still a gap between those actively being sustainable in their purchase and disposal of ICT equipment and those who are simply talking about it. So how can channel partners help customers ensure that they are making environmentally friendlier technology decisions which don’t blow the budget?Technology leasing provides a solution which can help your customers’ business achieve their sustainability goals while enabling cashflow to be fed into generating more revenue. Leasing also ensures your customers are not investing in depreciating assets. Leasing company Equico manages the back-end disposal of IT equipment with accredited recycling partners free of charge. This ensures that your customers do not have to worry about the added expense or responsibility of disposing of equipment at the end of its lifecycle and can take comfort in the knowledge e-waste has been disposed of in a sustainable way. Some leasing companies ensure hardware is reused or recycled, helping to minimise the environmental impact. Leasing also allows organisations the flexibility to return technology equipment if it becomes surplus to requirements, therefore ensuring more efficiencies and less waste throughout the business.  The ability to upgrade equipment in line with the latest technology also means businesses can increase productivity with employees benefitting from the best technology available. In our experience, key drivers for businesses choosing to lease IT equipment are: easy ability to upgrade (42%), cashflow benefits (35%) and cost savings (31%) and benefits relating to sustainability are making this a more attractive option to more and more businesses.  In fact, nearly half of New Zealand companies currently lease their IT equipment, with a further 36% considering it. In these belt-tightening times, many are realising they no longer have to compromise on being sustainable in order to be cost-effective.  Leasing provides the best of both worlds: enabling businesses to enjoy a clear technology upgrade path while being kinder to the environment.  www.equico.co.nz

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