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01 Feb 08

The struggle to find quality sales staff and build an effective sales team are challenges understood by virtually every SMB owner.  Matthew Preen, formerly Sales Director at Infinity Solutions and, most recently, National Sales Manager for Computer Brokers, has recently stepped out on his own to help businesses address the problems commonly associated with sales.
Majk Solutions Limited is a consulting business focused on helping organisations “fix” their sales problems.  “I have always struggled with the question of how to set up my own business when I am only a sales person,” Preen stated.  “My skills are running a sales team.  Eventually I figured it out.  In my view, there are a lot of small to medium players in the IT arena who can’t afford a big sales manager role.  I’ve found a lot of opportunity there.”
Preen has already signed several clients and will work with them to develop current sales teams, manage growing sales teams and build new sales teams.  “Many sales people have gone through training, but that is often not enough.  You can have a person who knows the fundamentals, but has never really learned how to do their job,” explained Preen.  “False starts in sales can be disastrous.”
Through Majk Solutions, Preen aims to help resellers, and other businesses, get the best from their sales people by putting process and structure into the sales side of the business. 
Matthew Preen can be contacted on 021 618 158 or at  

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