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Mako Networks makes AirTight Wi-Fi deal

26 Sep 2013

Mako Networks and AirTight Networks have today revealed a new reciprocal agreement to bundle Mako’s network management system and AirTight’s Wi-Fi technology.

The two companies made the announcement from the annual Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) North American Community Meeting, where the companies are exhibiting.

Working in tandem, the companies say the joint solution offers easy-to-use cloud management ideal for distributed enterprises, coupled with powerful Wi-Fi retail analytics and end-to-end Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

“This partnership agreement represents two best-of-breed solutions coming together to offer customers the opportunity to protect their networks and enhance guest services,” says David King, chairman and CEO, AirTight Networks.

“Since our first engagement, Mako has been an obvious choice for us as an equally committed partner to making it easy for distributed enterprises to effectively manage their network.

"Their customer-centric approach makes them a great partner with the right vision.”

In a sample deployment, like a large restaurant or retail businesses with multiple locations, a Mako network appliance connects the site to the Internet using a broadband connection.

As the conduit for all Internet traffic, the Mako System is able to collect information about network usage at the site, which is populated into a Central Management System (CMS) that can be accessed by administrators from a web interface, with detailed reporting on the network activity across their distributed enterprise locations.

If the primary broadband connection should drop for any reason, the Mako System diverts to a backup wireless cellular connection to keep traffic flowing. Mako also physically segments all payment traffic from the rest of the network, reducing the scope of the network subject to PCI DSS compliance auditing.

The AirTight solution creates a secure Wi-Fi network within the location and performs automated wireless PCI compliance scanning and intrusion prevention.

“AirTight’s Wi-Fi technology is perfect for distributed enterprise customers," says Simon Gamble, Mako Networks President, North America.

"Knowing that we can offer our customers a scalable, flexible and secure Wi-Fi option with customer analytics, coupled with our Level 1 PCI DSS certification, greatly extends Mako’s reach and potential customer base.

“I know our customers will be equally impressed with AirTight’s solution bundled with our Mako System, and I look forward to our work together in the months ahead.”

Both Mako and AirTight will include the other’s products and services in their international portfolios, as this reciprocal reseller agreement means that partners and customers can now obtain products from either company.

Hardware licensing and customer support will be handled by each organisation separately.

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