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Maxnet signs Datasouth

23 Nov 2010

Datasouth Chief Technology Officer Jonn-Paul Lambie said that the Christchurch-based firm switched to Maxnet because of “high availability, affordability and highly qualified staff”.

“We believe that Maxnet has the best reputation in the country in terms of data centre stability and enterprise uptime,” Lambie said. “It is absolutely critical that our customers, most of which operate 24 and seven businesses, are guaranteed uninterrupted access to their networks.”

Lambie added said that Maxnet offered five times the bandwidth for the price the company paid at its previous ISP.

Datasouth will also use Maxnet’s Auckland premises to offer its customers additional redundancy and disaster recovery.

Maxnet CEO John Hanna (pictured) says that recent events in Christchurch have made New Zealand businesses more aware of the importance of hosting technology platforms across more than one geographical location.

“Building maximum redundancy and 99.99% uptime means your systems have access to at least two of everything, and this includes data centres,” said Hanna. “For Maxnet, it also means having two independent mains power supplies, three backup generators, multiple cooling systems, dual IP network cabling, and three fibre optic connections through diverse network providers connecting our data centre to the backbone of the internet.”

Maxnet officially opened its Christchurch data centre in April 2010.