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Microsoft apologises for 'complex licensing'

20 Apr 10

At a summit gathering today in Auckland, Microsoft outlined changes it will make to its software licensing from July 1, 2010.

Alan Slother, Senior Product Manager and Commercial Product Management at Microsoft US, admitted to today's Virtualisation and Management Summit audience at the Westin Hotel in Auckland (pictured) that the firm's licensing models were complex. He also announced two major changes in the way Microsoft licenses its products.

“Our licensing is complex and I apologise but it is something we’re trying to improve and make easier. If you already have software assurance or enterprise agreements we’ve really simplified the licensing. This provides an ability to extend your existing infrastructure,” he said.

From July 1st 2010 two new models will be brought in. VECD for SA will no longer exist and the rights to run a VDI desktop will be included in SA rights. SA customers can now deploy desktops anywhere, locally or in the datacentre. SA customers will also be granted the equivalent of VDA rights for all SA desktops, including roaming rights.

Microsoft also unveiled Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA). This option allows you to license your Windows VM for access from thin clients, third-party and non-Windows-based devices. It’s a device-based subscription that costs $100 per year, per device. The primary user has extended roaming right and SA benefits for Windows.