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Microsoft gains tablet market share following Windows 10 launch

By Catherine Knowles, Wed 5 Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Microsoft’s Windows 10 launch has resulted in Windows tablet shipments nearly doubling in Q2 2015, according to Strategy Analytics.

The Windows tablet market share in this quarter was at an all-time high of 9%, up four points from Q2 2014. On top of this, Huawei and LG have gained market share at the expense of Apple and Samsung, according to Strategy Analytics.

Total tablet shipments reached 50.8 million units in Q2 2015, down 3% from 52.4 million in Q2 2014.

The Android-branded tablet shipment market share was flat at 70% in Q2 2015, and Apple continued its slide in market share down to an all-time low of 21.5% in Q2 2015, four points lower than Q2 2014

Vendors with strong 3G and LTE connected tablet strategies such as Huawei, LG, and TCL-Alcatel gained market share as leaders like Apple, Samsung, and the White Box community lost ground.

Lenovo has experienced 5% year-over-year growth and now has 5% market share, and Huawei has claimed 3.9% market share, growing 131% year-over-year. LG has experienced a significant 1189% year-over-year growth and now has 2.9% market share.

In comparison, Apple has experienced -18% year-over-year growth. However, the vendor's luck is set to change, according to Peter King, Strategy Analytics Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service director.

"Apple's fortunes will turn around soon as it will launch the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well as an iPad mini 4 in Q4 2015.

“New features in iOS 9, which are exclusive to iPad such as multi-tasking and a more convenient soft keyboard, will also help compel upgrades by owners of older iPad models.

“Meanwhile, Huawei and LG have posted fantastic growth primarily due to well-executed 3G and LTE connected Tablet strategies," King says.

Eric Smith, Strategy Analytics Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies senior analyst, says, "Windows share continues to improve as more models become available from traditional PC vendors, White Label vendors, and Microsoft itself though a healthy Surface lineup and distribution expansion.

“The key going forward will be if the coming wave of 2-in-1 Detachable Tablets is a hit with consumers or if they go the way of the Netbook - we remain cautiously optimistic on this point."

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