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Mindjet MindManager emerges as must-have software for business professionals

15 Jul 2010

Mindjet, the leading provider of software and cloud-based applications for visually organising and managing information and ideas, today announced the latest version of the company’s flagship software – Mindjet MindManager Version 9.

Used by millions of business professionals, MindManager delivers an inherently unique value to today’s workers – a flexible, intuitive way to visually brainstorm concepts, organise information, develop actionable strategies and project plans, and communicate results.

On a daily basis, business professionals combat masses of information coming from multiple sources – web, email, documents and meetings – with no means to connect the dots and see the big picture. MindManager provides the destination that unifies diverse information allowing users to organise, act on and communicate their ideas and strategies. With its enhanced integration with Microsoft® Office and fluid, drag-and-drop interface, this latest release cements MindManager as the go-to software for business professionals to quickly capture, organise and reorganise information to discover new avenues of thought and new solutions – and then put those solutions immediately into action and stay ahead of the competition.

“By organising information visually, MindManager fits the way I work and serves as a destination for me to be more productive and effective,” says Corey Sherman, Principal at Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc. “If you can think, MindManager can help you work better. And with an ever-expanding list of features and functionality, the new MindManager Version 9 solution has more ‘ooomph’ than ever!”

MindManager provides an intuitive visual framework for individuals and teams to capture information, analyse complex relationships and identify priorities. Taking advantage of MindManager’s tight integration with Microsoft Outlook, Office, Project and SharePoint, Mindjet is helping users to accomplish more, ensure project success and improve communication by organising and presenting information in a visual context. In one clear, easily modified visual ‘map’, information from group thinking and the web can be combined with existing documents, files, meeting notes and emails. This visual, flexible presentation of information improves business planning and fosters better collaboration among teams.

A main feature of MindManager is data import and integration with Microsoft Outlook, Office, Project and SharePoint, which enables users to take advantage of MindManager in the context of typical workflows. MindManager version 9 for Windows integrates with Microsoft Office 2010.

“Throughout history, a key leading factor in economic growth and wealth creation has centred around productivity and creativity to drive innovation,” said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. “Our goal with MindManager Version 9 is to dramatically improve an organisation’s creativity, project planning, performance and innovation. Whether overloaded with information, solving a problem, working with a team on an important project, or wanting to communicate more effectively, MindManager Version 9 is simply a must–have.”

Key Features in MindManager version 9 for Windows:

MindManager Slide Show – Enables users to create and present a series of slides based off map, tree and organisational chart layouts helping to align and organise information, ideas and strategies to be more productive.

Microsoft Outlook Integration – Features more powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook tasks, emails, notes, calendar items and contacts and enables individuals to easily assign priorities, filter on priority, and drag and drop content for better organisation. Dynamic branches of Outlook tasks can be added to maps and visualized in MindManager’s integrated Gantt chart.

Microsoft PowerPoint Integration – Users can now easily export content from MindManager into PowerPoint slides to accomplish more, faster.

Microsoft Project Integration – Improved integration allows for exporting of plans created within MindManager as Microsoft Project files.

Resource Utilisation – To help ensure your plan’s success, users can better understand which resources are over or under-utilised.

Gantt Chart View – Individuals can view task and project plan timelines in MindManager’s integrated and synchronized Gantt chart. Updates can be made to maps by adjusting the Gantt chart or by making changes directly into a map.

MindManager version 9 for Windows will be generally available on August 10 in three languages: English, German and French, and can be purchased through for $US349.