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Motorola to launch smart, rugged personal radio
Wed, 28th Oct 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Motorola Solutions is launching its next-generation Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) device: the smart and powerful MXP600.

A major ANZ mining company was involved in testing for the new radio, with its feedback incorporated into the final design.

It's built to withstand the rigours of harsh mining environments, with a rugged and lightweight design, innovative audio technology, and highest-level connectivity.

In testing, the radio has been subjected to 300-tonne drop tests, vibration shockwaves, extreme heat, cold and immersed in water.

The introduction of the MXP600 will help agencies to flexibly evolve their mission-critical solutions while taking full advantage of the benefits of secure radio voice communications:

  • Be clearly heard in the noisiest environments. The MXP600 uses intelligent microphone technology to suppress background noise and has a maximum loudness that is around four times louder than a typical smartphone.
    When operating in windy conditions, the device automatically uses the loudspeaker as an additional microphone for optimal wind noise mitigation.
    When multiple radios are in close proximity, the MXP600 automatically eliminates acoustic feedback to allow for effective communication.
  •  Accelerate device management to keep frontline workers in the field.
  • Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP) makes it possible for radios to be updated on-the-go and within minutes, avoiding the time, logistics and costs involved with traditional radio programming.
    OTAP is fast, secure and convenient to maximise the productivity of frontline workers and help to keep them in the field.
  • Flexible collaboration. Use your radio in the way that suits you best with a smartphone app for scrolling through talkgroups, sending secure messages and discreet radio communication when you need it.
    The new M-RadioControl app offers a flexible way for smartphones to work alongside the MXP600.
    The NFC chip embedded in the MXP600 makes pairing quick and easy, while Bluetooth 5.0 means the wireless connection between radio, smartphone and other devices remains secure.

The MXP600 integrates the technologies emergency services rely upon to focus on their mission to keep the community safe.

“Frontline professionals will always need their radio in high-stress situations to serve as their lifeline, but they also might require collaboration with other devices that they carry, including smartphones and body-worn video cameras, without compromising the security or reliability of their radio voice communications,” says Motorola Solutions senior vice president Mark Schmidl.

“Instead of handling multiple devices simultaneously, they can activate other devices through the one that feels most natural and intuitive to use in that situation. For example, if a police officer presses the emergency button in a life-threatening situation, the radio will in the future be able to automatically activate the body-worn camera, without the officer needing to start the process separately. It's all about simplifying yet elevating key features of mission-critical communications,” adds Motorola Solutions devices senior director Katja Millard.