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Moving beyond fear with business assurance technology

Westcon Imagine 2014 - Security technology can focus on prevention and prohibition - and instil a culture of fear. Or it can centre on possibilities and enable companies to unleash their full business potential.

Blue Coat says the threat landscape is evolving so quickly, that we are seeing a shift toward a new approach that integrates real-time protection, dynamic analysis and post-breach investigation and remediation.

“This approach closes the gap that exists between ongoing security operations and incident discovery, containment and resolution, and provides greater security at the core of the data theft issue: the intersection points between users and data.

“The net result: businesses can move beyond fear and start focusing on possibilities.”

Blue Coat says 2015 will be the year where technology trends continue to take shape and transform the way organisations do business.

“Enterprises are beginning to recognise the importance of developing an advanced risk-based security strategy where decisions are made through the process of evaluating the vulnerability of systems, the nature of threats and the sensitivity of data.”

The company offers not only some of the industry’s most advanced and sophisticated security technology, but also the vision and expertise that demonstrate how security technology provides business value.

Known as Business Assurance Technology, Blue Coat delivers solutions through a comprehensive array of technologies, products, services and capabilities that provide total protection – while helping enterprises identify and leverage new opportunities.

The company was recently recognised as the market leader in business assurance technology, being named the 2014 Web Security Vendor of the Year across Asia Pacific by market research firm, Frost & Sullivan.

The award recognises the company’s ‘exemplary growth and performance’ in 2013 throughout Asia Blue Coat takes a holistic approach with its Advanced Threat Protection solution that integrates technologies from the Blue Coat Security and Policy Enforcement Centre and the Resolution Centre to deliver a comprehensive lifecycle defence that fortifies the network.

The solution blocks known advanced persistent threats that are often associated with the theft of sensitive data. It proactively detects unknown and already-present malware and automates post-intrusion incident containment and resolution. This makes it possible for day-to-day security operations and advanced security analytics teams to work together, protecting and empowering the business.

Blue Coat’s PacketShaper helps enterprises control bandwidth cost, deliver a superior user experience and align network resources with business priorities:

  • Reserve bandwidth for critical applications
  • Contain disruptive traffic and slow bandwidth increases
  • Embrace new trends such as BYOD, video, cloud and social media
  • Eliminate potential bandwidth increases
The PacketShaper S-Series products are designed to meet the needs of today’s demanding enterprise network environments. Supporting throughputs ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, these platforms include auto-discovery and classification of 900+ applications and tens of millions of websites.

Other benefits include Cloud-connected classification engine with real-time update; real-time monitoring and reporting of application performance and bandwidth consumption, and application-level bandwidth policy with asymmetric shaping and dynamic partitioning.

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