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Naverisk: Our pricing is winning clients

17 Mar 2010

Newly appointed ANZ Sales and Marketing Manager, Mark Checksfield, has told The Channel that clients have left rival Kaseya for Naverisk’s “revolutionary” pricing model.

On February 25th the MSP appointed Checksfield as its ANZ Sales and Marketing Manager. Speaking to The Channel, Checksfield said that the firm is winning over clients because of its non-contract based pricing model.

“If people look at our pricing model they find it quite revolutionary,” he said. “The old licensing way is that you buy a license to use a major vendor’s software but you pay a fixed sum of money over a period of say five years. But our prices have no contract, you just pay as you use.”

When asked if this approach is different to that of a rival such as Kaseya, Checksfield said it was “at this time,” adding, “We had two people move over to us recently just for the fact that they were looking at our costs on a monthly turnover as opposed to renewing or extending licenses with Kaseya which were five year contracts, fixed rate.

“They were saying that they didn’t want to commit for that length of time so our model’s perfect. We can literally, from month to month, switch the button on or off, on however many agents and licenses you want for your network.”

Checksfield was also keen to discuss the company’s growth. “We’ve defiantly tapped into the fact that there’s an international marketplace. At this point we’re researching but we know we’ve already got quite a lot of sales in Australia, we’ve got sale in America and we’re looking very closely at the United Kingdom.”

Argentina and Russia were also named as possible targets for growth due to there not being “a strongly developed managed service provider marketplace” there yet.

Towards the end of last year the company released the first iteration of its web-based IT management platform, following the trend of cloud computing.