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Netpoleon & Adaptive Shield unite for SaaS security boost in ANZ
Thu, 1st Feb 2024

Netpoleon, a renowned security solutions provider, has announced its partnership with SaaS security company Adaptive Shield. The collaboration comes at a time when the demand for SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solutions is surging in Australia and New Zealand. This is largely due to an increased emphasis on robust cybersecurity following a recent rise in SaaS data breaches in these regions.

The partnership is anticipated to play a pivotal role in providing effective SSPM solutions for businesses, particularly as interest and investment in cybersecurity continue to accelerate. Insights from a Gartner survey in December 2023 revealed that 87% of CIOs in Australia and New Zealand plan to prioritise cybersecurity investments in 2024, showcasing the urgent need for such a partnership.

The alliance will see the two companies working together to help businesses in the region grow with SaaS applications while bolstering their defences. Indeed, the objective is not solely growth but growth that is both secure and risk-averse. Through the partnership, firms will be able to enhance their security postures, particularly as attack vectors continue to evolve.

The fortification of ties between Netpoleon and Adaptive Shield also builds upon the existing relationship shared with Netpoleon's parent company, Macnica, in the APAC region. By extending the partnership down to Australia and New Zealand, the paired organisations aim to bolster security across the Pacific.

According to Paul Lim, Regional Director ANZ, with organisations in ANZ increasingly relying on SaaS offerings as an integral part of their business, Adaptive Shield is pioneering a new domain in cybersecurity: the SSPM sphere. "Adaptive Shield represents a new domain (SSPM) in cybersecurity, where organisations in ANZ have started to rely heavily on SaaS offerings as a key part of their business," says Lim. 

Maor Bin, the CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Shield, emphasises the significance of Netpoleon's security expertise in facilitating the expansion of Adaptive Shield in the region. With evolving attack vectors, this partnership is seen as a crucial step towards enhancing SaaS app security in Asia-Pacific. The goal is to empower security teams to proactively prevent and detect threats across their entire SaaS stack, demonstrating the commitment to robust cybersecurity measures in the face of dynamic security challenges.

Maor Bin comments, "Netpoleon's security expertise will enable it to play a pivotal role in expanding Adaptive Shield's presence in the region at a time when attack vectors are rapidly evolving. This partnership is another step toward expanding the SaaS app security across Asia-Pacific to enable security teams to prevent and detect threats throughout their entire SaaS stack."

In summary, this emerging partnership marks a collaboration designed to meet the immediate and growing need to enhance cybersecurity in Australia and New Zealand. Businesses in these regions are urged to bolster their investments in cybersecurity to ensure data security amidst a dynamic threat landscape. With Netpoleon and Adaptive Shield joining forces, the expectation is that companies will have enhanced access to effective SSPM solutions, furthering the drive towards safe and secure growth in the SaaS arena.