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New Paessler solution connects PRTG with Node-RED
Tue, 3rd Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Paessler AG has launched its PRTG Node-RED Connector solution, which enables PRTG Network Monitor to offer monitoring capabilities for manufacturing, IIoT and IoT environments.

The connector will be available in beta to allow the integration of PRTG Network Monitor into the devices and processes of manufacturing, IIoT or IoT environments.

Users can automatically feed information gathered by the Node-RED Connector into PRTG Network Monitor, opening up the possibility for users to monitor their IoT and IIoT space and to combine the results with their IT infrastructure monitoring if required.

Node-RED was developed by IBM's Emerging Technology Services team and is a flow-based, visual programming tool with a web interface, for connecting IoT and IIoT hardware devices, APIs and online services.

Since 2016, Node-RED has been an open source project.

Node-RED can pre-process collected data and gives users data analysis while offering the possibility to forward the data to PRTG without coding, just based on Node-RED's user interface. 

PRTG allows users to define thresholds and escalation levels for alerts, create dashboards and maps by using drag and drop, and publish monitoring data in reports. 

It stores data in the original monitoring interval enabling historic reports based on non-aggregated, real values.

Node-RED software enables users to click and drag nodes, link them together and integrate them with PRTG Network Monitor.

Helmut Binder, Paessler AG CEO: “The decision to launch the PRTG Node-RED Connector is an important step in the evolution of our PRTG product as well as our business as a whole, as we fulfil our ambition of becoming a major player in the development of the IoT,” says Paessler AG CEO Helmut Binder.

“By enabling PRTG for monitoring IoT, this is a complete game-changer for the IoT and IIoT world.  Our well-established monitoring solution with more than 20 years of IT monitoring experience, now opens up a completely new level of monitoring for IoT environments. In the upcoming months, we are excited to see what kind of monitoring scenarios both new and existing PRTG customers are adding to their installation by utilising the numerous possibilities of Node-RED.

Paessler has outlined the features of these two offerings to allow potential users to decide whether they would suit their needs:


  • Reduces the time it takes to create applications.
  • ‚ÄčAccessible to those without coding skills, as well as developers who want to save time.
  • The visual nature of the software tool helps users to easily see their application and understand the logic to successfully run the program.
  • Direct connection of IoT and IIoT specific communication protocols in PRTG.


  • Mature and established IT monitoring solution with over 200,000 users worldwide
  • Comprehensive monitoring feature set
  • Customisable and flexible
  • Simple licensing
  • Brings together IIoT, IoT and IT in one single solution