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New Zealand IT wholesaler finds success with lasting partnership

By Contributor, Mon 30 Aug 2021

Not too many IT providers can say they’ve never churned a single customer, but Sri - an NZ-based wholesale telecommunications & IT provider – is able to say just that. “The only time we’ve ever lost a customer is when their business has either closed or been sold,” he says.

If you ask him how, he’ll tell you that his company’s success is built on a foundation of trust and confidence; mainly, trust in the level of support that he receives from one of his supplier partners – Voyager Internet.

“The success I've achieved is due to the confidence levels my customers have in me,” Sri says. “I’ve earned that trust from them because of my own confidence in Voyager's support and platforms. The people at Voyager that back you up and support you give you the feeling that anything can be possible.”

Sri signed on as a Voyager wholesale partner in 2012. Since then, his company has seen over a 500% increase in their monthly billing account with Voyager. “And we haven't churned a single customer that entire time,” he says. 

The key to maintaining such a loyal customer base while continuing to grow all comes down to confidence and trust, Sri explains. Thanks to a long-standing, ongoing relationship with the Voyager wholesale support team, he has managed to build and maintain that trust. “I know that Voyager will deliver for me, enabling me to deliver for my customers - that’s why I am confident promising them a resolution. Any wholesaler would have that confidence working with Voyager.” 

Throughout the years Sri has been a Voyager wholesaler, that same high standard of support has been sustained, even as Sri's company continued to grow. When he compares his experience with Voyager to that with other suppliers, he has a vastly different story to tell.

“Unlike other suppliers, there’s always a human at Voyager to talk to, there’s someone you know personally that's there to help you and get things done,” he says. The difference is stark; he has been a wholesaler with another telco for 12 years and even now, he doesn't have anywhere near the same relationship. “I know a couple people there, but they don't really care. Whereas at Voyager, the people are invaluable.”

Beyond the support and relationships, Sri praises Voyager’s ability to deliver quickly. He recalls an instance where he had a customer that required their number ported with another telco:

“There was no sense of urgency or communication from this specific supplier,” he says. The requests were actioned slowly, and in the end, the port didn’t happen for a month. “If I had been working with Voyager, that same request would have taken 10 minutes,” he says. 

When asked to sum up what working with Voyager is like, Sri says “it’s more like you're chatting with a friend. The people at Voyager are genuine, and they care. They go out of their way to get things done. That shows you how much they value you as a person. I'm not technically a part of Voyager, but I am a part of Voyager.”

For more information on becoming a Voyager wholesale or dealer partner, get in touch on 0800 4 PARTNER (0800 472 786) or fill out the enquiry form.

Learn more about Voyager’s wholesale channel here, or click here for information about the dealer channel. If you’re not sure which is the best channel for you, the team is happy to have a chat!

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