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New Zealand’s Next Top Monitor Vendor?

Fri 1 Apr 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

AOC ranked No.1 in Asia Pacific in IDC’s analysis for the fourth quarter of 2010, identified as the most well-known brand in the region, with a sharp rise in market share.IDC, an international research and information institution, analyses regional sales volumes, distribution channels, pricing, vendor strategies, consumer awareness and brand recognition to rank the leading brands of LCD monitor. Ray Zhuo, General Manager of AOC Asia Pacific / Middle East / Africa (APMEA) announced, "It is a great pleasure to share with you that AOC was the most visible monitor brand in Asia at the end of last year. AOC Asia Pacific region sales show a higher-than-average growth of 58% and gained 5% in market share. AOC has been the market leader for a few years in the Philippines, achieving 34.2% market share in the last quarter of 2010. To be ranked No. 1 validates AOC’s commitment to deliver superior products with the technologies and innovations that make a difference to our customers. After years of enthusiastic market strategy, AOC has won the Asia-Pacific support and trust of consumers. In India, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Malaysia, AOC is firmly positioned in the top three brands. In 2011, AOC’s global program is expected to expand AOC sales to over 132 countries with a worldwide sales target of 15 million units of LCD monitor. This year, AOC’s global brand ranking is sixth overall in the bundled monitor segment. Within the next five years, we aim to extend a colourful life experience to consumers everywhere, with the successful creation of the No. 1 global monitor brand. This is our goal.”AOC to focus on slim and light monitors in 2011AOC sells a wide variety of LCD monitor models in global markets, using innovation and unique features to build consumer interest and attention. This year, AOC will continue to develop new products, with more of its world-beating "lightest” and "thinnest” concept models, including IPS display panels and slim LED models. In order to meet broader consumer demand, AOC will introduce different products beside its traditional LCD monitor and TV ranges, including 3D displays, unique exterior designs and cloud screen models, providing a wider variety of choices than ever.The most elegant and innovative IPS-panel monitor released in 2010: AOC i2340VeAOC i2340Ve features an IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD panel. IPS technology is considered the best for higher accuracy in color, and consistent image quality across the screen from any position, including a 178° wide viewing angle. The response time of AOC’s IPS panel is also excellent, which makes it suitable for fast gaming.  AOC i2340Ve is energy saving and environmentally friendly, with a mercury-free wLED backlight, energy consumption of up to 50% less than traditional CCFL models, and 100% recyclable packaging materials. It also features power-saving modes, timed shutdown, e-Sensor automatic screen dimming function, and e-Saver intelligent shutdown software. With 1.85cm ultra-thin design, transparentborder and elegant engraved texture, i2340Ve is definitely a fashionable work of art.The most delicate and light-weight monitor released in 2010: AOC’s next-generation e43 "Razor” SeriesThe latest AOC e43 models continue the family heritage from the previous generation, with the entire screen section ultra slim at just 1.29cm, the most delicate design available today. The new generation now adds dual HDMI high-quality transmission interfaces, response time reduced to just 2ms, and a smoother screen surface.For the latest AOC news, follow AOC on:

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