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Nintex named workflow Leader by Aragon Research

19 Nov 2020

Aragon Research has named process management and automation vendor Nintex a leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Workflow and Content Automation (WCA). 

Within its latest vendor evaluation report, Aragon reviewed 14 key software providers on the basis of strategy and performance and states that the WCA market is becoming a strategic pillar in digital transformation.

Aragon reports that the shift to digital has been pushed forward due to COVID-19 with many enterprises investing more in tools that help them automate all of their processes to become fully digital even faster. 

With WCA software, cumbersome manual processes that impede worker productivity can be eliminated as business processes can be executed quickly when the creation and routing of content are automated.

“We are focused on improving the way people work, from wherever they work, by delivering automation software that is easy-to-use and powerful, says Nintex CEO Eric Johnson. 

The Nintex Process Platform is designed to help organisations accelerate digital transformation by quickly turning their manual, paper-based and repetitive processes into digital forms and workflows."

With the Nintex Process Platform, commercial enterprises and government agencies are designing and deploying digital processes that improve customer and partner experiences. 

Over 10,000 organisations, including more than 50% of the Fortune 500, and hundreds of partners worldwide standardise on Nintex to automate work.

“WCA platforms are becoming smarter and are powering a number of new enterprise applications that completely automate old forms-based processes,” says Aragon CEO and lead analyst Jim Lundy. 

“WCA solutions accelerate the rate at which information flows between enterprises, people, and important business systems to shorten process cycle times and increase accuracy.”

In the report, Nintex is highlighted as an innovative software vendor that has helped to pioneer a no-code/low-code approach to both content and process automation that allows IT professionals, business ops, and analysts to quickly and easily automate complete processes. 

Aragon also notes the company's recent acquisition of K2 Software, Inc. stating that Nintex is well-positioned to continue gaining market share and driving faster innovation.

Process management and automation capabilities offered within the company’s next-generation cloud automation platform, Nintex Workflow Cloud, include Nintex Promapp for process mapping; Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow for creating process apps and automated workflows with clicks, not code; Nintex RPA for automating repetitive tasks, Nintex DocGen for automating document creation; and Nintex Analytics for optimising workflows.

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