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NTT report: Hybrid working boosts bottom line for Aussie, Kiwi businesses
Tue, 24th Oct 2023

IT infrastructure and services company NTT Ltd has announced the launch of its 2023 Global Employee Experience Trends Report. The report reveals that a significant 84% of businesses in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) acknowledge hybrid and remote working measures as having a positive impact on their bottom line. Furthermore, CEOs have named hybrid work flexibility the top factor in successful employee experience (EX) strategies.

Several key statistics from the report pinpoint the crucial role that technology plays in facilitating hybrid work. Only 43% of ANZ organisations are equipping employees with the technology they need for hybrid work, while just 47% of operational leads express satisfaction with current EX capabilities.

The report also brings to light the relationship between investment in EX technology and business growth, revealing that companies that increased IT spending were 56% more likely to experience business growth accompanied by an 89% rise in employee satisfaction. In addition, 67% of organisations have been investing in mobility over the past two years in response to the shift towards hybrid and remote working.

The report critically observes the subject of employees' access to the necessary technology for efficient hybrid working. It reveals that less than half, only 43%,  of organisations strongly agree that employees have complete access to the required technology for optimal performance both at home and in the office.

Amit Dhingra, the Executive Vice President of Network Services at NTT Ltd, makes crucial observations regarding the report's findings: "The disconnect between what employees need and what businesses provide them with is still too large."

"Too often we see hybrid working strategies focusing on one type of working style, despite employees wanting the flexibility to work in a way that suits them."

Dhingra explains the importance of these findings: "It was positive to see that 67% of organisations agree that hybrid and remote working has led to their investment in mobility over the last two years to promote flexibility, but more still needs to be done to reduce the disconnect and improve EX."

"This is especially true given that satisfied and engaged employees are 66% more likely to deliver exceptional customer service."

The report also suggests the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the employee experience. The technology is recognised as the primary enabler of future customer experience (CX) and EX strategies. According to the report, interfaces using AI are set to become the norm for 80% of organisations over the next year. Nevertheless, it also highlights that 86% of businesses agree that human-led support remains critical to customer engagement.

With the rise of AI and a more permanent focus on hybrid work, the NTT report reflects the current dynamic work landscape, emphasising the need for organisations to adopt new technologies while ensuring employee fulfilment and well-being.