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OPPO outlines $10b vision for smart device innovation

Thu, 12th Dec 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Oppo has outlined a $10 billion roadmap to developing an ecosystem of smart devices that will drive 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, and augmented reality technologies.

The company made the announcement at its INNO Day in Shenzhen, China this week, where it revealed the major R-D investment and showcased a range of its products.

Within the next three years, OPPO says it will use the $10 billion R-D budget to develop technologies across hardware, software and systems, as well as what it could do with 6G.

For 5G technologies, the company has three main strategies:

OPPO will remain committed to further develop world-leading technologies by focusing on its core technologies, such as Flash Charge.

OPPO will invest in building a multi-portal ecosystem of intelligent devices with smartphones serving as the gateway.

OPPO will continue to rethink the user experience and optimise its content and service offerings to meet changing customer demands.

The OPPO INNO Day 2019 focused on the theme of ‘Create Beyond Boundaries' and brought together experts, partners and key opinion leaders to discuss the future of technology in the era of intelligent connectivity.

At the event, OPPO showcased a variety of smart devices, including smartwatches, smart headphones, 5G Smart Home router, AR glasses, alongside key technological breakthroughs in areas such as flash charging, 5G, imaging and software optimisation.

OPPO's New Zealand managing director Morgan Halim says that the event shone a light on some of the key technologies that will reshape the way we connect, play and communicate.

“With the recent launch of 5G and continued adoption of AI in New Zealand, we are going to see increased intelligent connectivity across devices. Connecting these different devices into a smart ecosystem provides the foundations for new services, experiences and opportunities within the intelligent device market,” says Halim.

“At OPPO, we believe the smartphone will be the gateway to deliver a diverse portfolio of technological services. 5G and AI will serve as the infrastructure of our integrated technology model, helping power new devices, data, computing, services and scenarios for our customers.

OPPO expects that as 2019 marks the birth of commercial 5G, the next iteration of the mobile network to unlock new, never-seen-before services and technologies that will further enhance the customer experience.

OPPO says that it will continue to invest significantly into its 5G roadmap and lead the way in providing greater connectivity, personalisation and immersive experiences to its customers.

This includes developing new devices to unlock the potential of 5G, with OPPO planning to launch smartwatches, smart wireless headphones and 5G smart home routers (5G CPE) in 2020.

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