18 May 2017
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Photo gallery: Dicker Data puts the fun in inaugural Cloud Festival

By Heather Wright

Resellers turned out in force yesterday for Dicker Data New Zealand’s ‘truly memorable’ inaugural Cloud Festival.

The distributor had kept true to its promise to make a lie of the perception that ICT presentations and events tend to be boring or dry, providing a vibrant and compelling showcase.

From Sir Graham Henry’s keynote to Paul Ego’s performance as Master of Ceremony, the Cloud Festival aimed to show resellers how dealing with change is not mutually exclusive with identifying problem areas of business, prioritising those elements and implementing a vision.

A range of Dicker Data New Zealand’s vendors took to the stage, with Citrix describing their vision of the future workplace, and Trustwave talking prioritised protection against cloud threats.

Autodesk provided attendees with a glimpse into the future of manufacturing and connected devices, while Microsoft codified the things which successful cloud businesses do.

Cisco, meanwhile, highlighted to attendees exactly how much information is involved with a digital transformation and IBM comforted everyone with all the ways artificial intelligence will make lives easier.

Resellers also got the opportunity to engage with the vendor speakers and get to grips with how the products ‘empower, streamline and accelerate’ New Zealand organisations.

It wasn't just information resellers walked away with, either, with plenty of prizes, including signed All Blacks jerseys to House of Travel vouchers, also given out.

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