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Pirated Adobe Creative Cloud hits 700,000 subs

22 Jun 2013

Adobe says as many as 700,000 subscribers have now signed up to Creative Cloud, coming days after a torrent was uploaded online.

After betting the company on its subscription-based 'cloud' offering back in May, Adobe appears to have won over many of the original non-believers - with an end of year aim of 1.25 million subscribers.

But despite adding 221,000 paid customers during the second quarter of 2013, the company will be concerned tech site PetaPixel is claiming a torrent link has been created for the software.

According to The Pirate Bay - one of the biggest torrent-tracking sites around - Adobe Photoshop CC has been cracked, days after launching.

But with Adobe taking a significant gamble in moving its products to the cloud, logic would suggest the company would have produced watertight software in a bid to thwart the pirates.

Yet Adobe's Creative Cloud senior marketing director Scott Morris focused on the facts, telling Macworld:

"Going into Adobe Max we had a lot of momentum, and that continued and accelerated once we made our announcements.

"If you look at how far we’ve come in a pretty short period of time, and if you look at our own internal goals and how we’re achieving them, we are really, really happy with the way adoption has gone.

"We’re really listening to those customers who are telling us they need something different, and we’re taking our time because we want to come up with the right solutions for those customers that will make them love Creative Cloud and get them excited about it the way that 700,000 people are so far."

Morris also claimed the company is still trying to persuade the old-guard to switch tact, after initial outrage at the move.

"We’re not giving up on the people who don’t like it. We’re not in the business of losing customers," he said.

"We’re bringing in those new folks, but we don’t want to lose the customers that have been with us for a long time."

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