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Project Manda launches to boost meeting productivity with AI
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

The inception of Project Manda, an innovative platform devised to tackle increasing unproductive meetings with the aid of meeting analytics, benchmarking, and an AI assistant, has been recently announced. Through dynamic analysis and actionable solutions, Project Manda aims to augment meeting productivity and foster a high-performing organisational culture.

Armin Sadeghi, one of the co-founders of Project Manda, shed light on the pressing issue of inefficient meetings plaguing organisations: "Meetings are expensive, time-consuming, and many aren't productive. Bad meetings hurt employee engagement, and meeting culture is undefined in most organisations."

Sadeghi highlighted the need for tools that can sufficiently measure, initiate meaningful changes, and execute lasting improvements across large-scale businesses. Sadeghi expressed confidence that by analysing meeting behaviours on a broad scale, Project Manda can identify and unlock substantial time for organisations to redirect towards more productive aspects of their operations.

"We are confident that by analysing meeting behaviours of businesses at scale, we can identify and unlock significant time for organisations to redirect back into their businesses," said Sadeghi. 

Ed van Roosendaal, co-founder of Project Manda, highlighted the increasing importance of their solution in the current business landscape. He emphasised the relevance of their offering, citing factors such as the rise of natural language AI, extended meeting times in remote work scenarios, global economic challenges encouraging efficiency, and a heightened focus on enhancing meeting productivity.

Ed van Roosendaal said, "With the advancement of natural language AI, an increase in time spent in meetings due to remote work, a global downturn prompting companies to do more with less, and a growing focus on improving meeting productivity, Project Manda's solution is timely and crucial."

In its development journey thus far, Project Manda, which has been completely self-funded, has hit significant milestones, including the successful creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The platform has garnered positive responses from early adopters in 15 different countries, including the likes of Domain Group.

Ash Farrugia, Director of Tech Labs, emphasised the value of Project Manda based on his personal experiences, particularly in addressing challenges related to time optimisation, execution, and strategy at ActivePipe. He highlighted a specific instance where Project Manda identified changes leading to a significant boost in productivity, equivalent to over 50 full-time employees. Farrugia expressed optimism that Project Manda's distinctive approach will revolutionise business execution and foster a culture of high performance.

Ash Farrugia said, "Investing in Project Manda stems from my firsthand experience navigating through the obstacles of optimising time, execution, and strategy at ActivePipe. In one recent instance, Project Manda was able to identify and recommend changes within an organisation that would see the equivalent of 50+ full-time employees' productivity time put back into the business." 

This innovative platform stands as a testament to where the future of productive meetings and effective organisational performance is headed.