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Rackspace expands global cloud network

16 Apr 13

Cloud specialist Rackspace is revealing the 'secret sauce' of its open cloud to allow telco's and other service providers to build their own cloud services based on Rackspace's OpenStack cloud technology.

Under the plan Rackspace will build and service the public clouds, using their technology and specifications, with the service provider's contributing hardware, sales and support to end-customers.

Alan Perkins, Rackspace APAC director of technology and product, says assuming a local service provider decides to take up the opportunity, the resellers will be able to plug into a 'global ecosystem consisting of a cloud of clouds'.

“They will be able to get the benefits of working with a local cloud providers, but also plug in more seamlessly to other facilities elsewhere on the planet for other markets and for failover,” Perkins says.

“New Zealand has always been a country that has punched above its weight on the international scene, but the costs involved in setting up new data centres in countries like New Zealand have required specialised local knowledge, meaning only niche players have been able to establish a presence.

"This news means someone who knows the market intimately will be able to operate an OpenStack cloud powered by Rackspace, backed by Rackspace's fanatical support.”

Rackspace says it will be making available 'all components needed to build a successful cloud business'.

That extends beyond the hardware and software infrastructure, to include automated testing along with patching, tuning and monitoring with 'carrier grade' service level agreements.

Also included is go-to-market support, including sales and support training and collateral; and increased resource utilisation for partners.

Rackspace's move is being seen internationally as an attempt to attack Amazon Web Service's growing dominance in public cloud computing.