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Return to sender no more. . .

01 Sep 2007

QAS, an Experian company, recently announced the launch of NZ QuickAddress Batch address management software to clean, complete and verify existing records in an address database.  Estimations by QAS show that for every item of mail that is returned to sender, the sender has to spend between $14 and $25 when both direct and indirect costs are factored in.  QAS provides products and solutions for customer database management, and is very focused around the concept of accurately capturing addresses at the point of entry, and cleaning up data records, said Glenn Parker, managing director, Asia Pacific, for QAS.  The software offered is practical anywhere there is a touch point with customers.  NZ QuickAddress Batch completes QAS’s overall product offering, allowing for a true end-to-end solution.  The software incorporates a New Zealand data file by referencing NZ Post’s records files.  “Databases are a crucial part of customer retention, acquisition, processing, deliveries, and more,” stated Parker.  “NZ QuickAddress Batch cleans databases and correct errors.  It is easy to install and user-friendly.”Parker went on to say that QAS has strong links with the channel, and that QAS software solutions are predominately incorporated with other products to provide comprehensive business solutions.  “We have over 100 different vendors who have incorporated our software across every industry in New Zealand and Australia,” clarified Parker.  QAS will work with resellers and system integrators to develop solutions and reduce implementation costs.  Users don’t need a lot of customers to make this a practical solution, according to Parker – just more than can be easily managed manually.  The benefits of NZ QuickAddress Batch are better organisation and financial gain, in addition to compliance with the upcoming 2008 NZ Post Code and bulk mailing requirements.  This software eliminates mistakes and reduces cost automatically.