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Revolent & Snowflake unite to combat global data skills gap
Wed, 31st Jan 2024

Revolent has joined forces with Snowflake in an initiative designed to tackle the gap in data engineering skills and to equip corporations globally with the skills needed for the Snowflake Data Cloud. With the digital skills gap recognised as an ongoing challenge in the technology sector, it has been observed that this gap has grown in size over the last year. The new partnership represents an effort to remedy this state of affairs.

The collaboration will result in Revolent, a Tenth Revolution Group enterprise, utilising Snowflake's data engineering training materials to create a Data Engineer talent programme. This will help to further unlock the potential of global data using the Snowflake Data Cloud and will go some way toward resolving data engineer skill shortages for Snowflake's partners.

Revolent's CEO, Ian Clark, explained that the main goals of their partnership revolve around empowering global organisations. The focus is on providing specialised talent through their talent program, enabling these organisations to enhance data insights and meet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Moreover, emphasis is placed on successfully implementing and managing Snowflake's unified platform to support these objectives.

Ian Clark said, "Our talent programme aims to empower organisations across the globe to gain better data insights and achieve their KPIs with specialist talent who can successfully implement and manage their instance of Snowflake's unified platform."

Revolent's curriculum provides participants with significant hands-on data application lessons, including modules on data orchestration, data governance, and data modelling, as well as an abundance of consultancy training. This will ensure that the specialists trained under this scheme are delivery-ready from day one.

The value of this scheme is bolstered by Snowflake's substantial customer growth, which has notably surged in 2023, amplifying the demand for Snowflake experts.

Tyler Prince, who holds the position of SVP of Worldwide Alliances and Channels at Snowflake, expressed his optimism regarding the partnership: "Revolent's ability to attract and develop talent with in-demand skills for high-growth technologies, combined with its commitment to empower organisations on a global scale, will help our joint customers continue to maximise the value they get from the Data Cloud."

Revolent's programmes, such as the Snowflake Data Engineer curriculum, not only attract and nurture talent but also cross-train existing technology professionals (also known as 'Revols') to become SnowPro and dbt-certified experts. These measures facilitate the building of sustainable and diverse talent pipelines for clients by recruiting, training, and placing experienced IT professionals on-site as fresh, business-ready cloud specialists. Moreover, they provide an option to upgrade or develop the skills of clients' existing teams.

In addition to their technology training initiatives, Revolent and Snowflake are keen to develop and foster new talent in their ecosystem, further accentuating the strategic importance of this partnership.