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SeComPass brings Unisys Stealth security solutions to NZ
Thu, 27th May 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

SeComPass has joined the Unisys Security Global Channel Partner program with the intention to offer the Unisys Stealth suite of security solutions in New Zealand.

SeComPass is a consulting company that specialises in privacy and information security management, audit, assurance and certification.

It serves the telecommunications, insurance, utilities, education, research, health, advertising and marketing sectors as well as artificial intelligence, big data, analytics and SaaS organisations.

SeComPass' service offerings include:

  • Information Security Management (vCISO and vISM services)
  • Solutions Implementations and Operational Security Management
  • Assurance and Certification for a wide range of standards (ISO27001, ISO27701, PCI-DSS, SOC2, GDPR et al)

SeComPass will also use the Unisys partnership to provide another pathway for interns in its SeComPass Industry Internship Programme (SIIP) by providing interns an opportunity to train on Stealth and take part in real life scenario building for security and privacy, the company states.

Stealth provides organisations ‘Always On' security by establishing a software-defined perimeter that enables a Zero Trust environment.

Stealth reduces attack surfaces by discovering and understanding network assets and their communication flows, then creating dynamic, identity-driven microsegments called Communities of Interest, separating trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted.

Encryption between endpoints cloaks assets from unauthorised users, while Dynamic Isolation capabilities quickly isolate devices or users at the first sign of compromise.

SeComPass CEO Jatinder Oberoi says, "Being part of Five Eyes and with greater regulatory pressure on security and privacy, New Zealand organisations are facing a plethora of legacy security issues as recently highlighted by attacks on the NZ Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

“This amplifies the need to bolster security efforts in each area of the business, from strategy to operations, spanning everybody in the business.

"Joining the Unisys partner program and accessing the Stealth portfolio is a key step for SeComPass to expand our security capabilities by incorporating a Zero Trust approach to security as part of our clients' security transformation programmes."

Oberoi continues, “Stealth not only isolates threats quickly, it also builds resilience into the environment enabling businesses to move from crisis to confidence, while protecting legacy systems so that they can still function without major upgrades.

SeComPass head of assurance and audit Michal Blajerski says, "When it comes to providing assurance to customers that their critical digital assets are secure, we have to find novel ways to work strategically and operationally.

"Stealth provides that novel capability through an unprecedented level of network segmentation and access control. With Unisys' tried and tested Zero Trust approach, we have the ability to step up our game against malicious and inadvertent access."

Unisys Asia Pacific industry director cyber security Gergana Winzer says, “According to CERTNZ, 2020 saw a 65% increase in security incidents in New Zealand compared to 2019, including phishing and credential harvesting, scams and fraud, and Malware.

"SeComPass brings strong local knowledge, expertise and trusted relationships that are critical to the New Zealand market. By adding Unisys Stealth to their portfolio, they will be able to help their customers better protect their data and assets.