Selling finance, not just offering

01 Nov 09

In a move that signifies its shift into more diversified sectors, Flexirent is changing its name and branding to FlexiGroup New Zealand Limited. The company has been in business in New Zealand for 12 years and Ari Toufexis, FlexiGroup’s Marketing Manager, said that as the company grows and expands into new sectors, a simplification of services and branding will better reflect its offerings.

The rebrand becomes official on November 5th, and while many of the changes are cosmetic, such as name changes, the company has added more terms to its finance offerings in order to allow more flexibility to resellers. In the past the only terms offered were 24 and 36 months, but in order to broaden the product’s appeal, there are now 12, 48 and 60-month offerings.
“By introducing additional terms, it’s made the product more appealing to a wider range of assets, so therefore to a wider range of resellers and end users as well,” said Toufexis.

He added that there are big plans in place for next year, and the company is interested in engaging with a broader range of resellers, including all independent resellers in the technology realm, not just IT-specific business.

The company is owned by Australian parent company FlexiGroup, which has already branched into offering services in the mobile broadband sector in Australia, expanding from its traditional finance offerings. Toufexis said, “we’re really starting to diversify our business”.

As the finance market becomes more competitive, the diversified offerings become even more important to keep the company afloat in the market.

“In some respects there are less players because of the recession and what happened in the finance world not long ago,” Toufexis said, “but the people that are left in the market are a lot more savvy and have really stepped up, and there’s a lot more intelligence. We’ve had to step up as well and it’s not a time to be complacent.”

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