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Silver Peak hires Juniper veteran to head local SD-WAN push

By Heather Wright, 16 Nov 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Silver Peak is upping its SD-WAN push locally with the appointment of Anthony Sarkis as sales director for Australia and New Zealand.

Sarkis, who spent the last eight years at Juniper Networks, is tasked with accelerating growth and adoption of the company’s SD-WAN solution across Australia and New Zealand.

Silver Peak has been pushing software defined WAN as the MPLS killer which will change networking dramatically and bring huge potential to resellers and customers alike. The company, historically a WAN optimisation company, is staking its future on SD-WAN, ‘relaunching’ itself earlier this year as an SD-WAN company.

SD-WAN enables companies to reduce the cost and complexity of MPLS networking by deploying broadband as a business-class wide area link.

Doug Farndale, Silver Peak Asia Pacific vice president says many companies in Australia and New Zealand are eager to find ways to use the internet to connect users to applications and reduce networking costs.

“These are exciting times in the industry and specifically for Silver Peak,” Farndale says in announcing Sarkis’ appointment.

Sarkis says Silver Peak ‘is best positioned to capitalise on the burgeoning SD-WAN opportunity’.

“I see huge opportunities for SilverPeak in Australia and New Zealand, and look forward to working with partners and customers in the region to build on our success in reducing the costs and complexity of WAN connectivity by using broadband,” Sarkis says.

Prior to Juniper, Sarkis worked for companies including Aruba Networks, Tech Pacific Australia, RPM Technologies and Timelink.

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