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Silver peaks with record annual sales

20 Aug 2013

Silver Peak has revealed a record financial year during 2013, triggered by increased demand for its virtualised software products.

Announcing record sales for new and repeat customers, the company says the figures included a large number of Riverbed Steelhead competitive wins and replacements.

“Silver Peak is at the forefront of the biggest disruption in networking, where the deployment model is shifting from hardware to more flexible and cost-effective virtualised software,” says David Hughes, CEO, Silver Peak.

“Our joint competence in WAN optimisation and virtualisation puts us in the best possible position to address the data mobility needs of customers today and in the future as they make the transition to virtualised network services.

"Silver Peak’s strong results and growing list of global competitive wins affirm Silver Peak is the go-to solution for data acceleration.”

Highlights of the fourth quarter and fiscal year, ending July 31, 2013 include:

• Virtual sales grew 241% year-over-year and virtual WAN optimisation software units sold now exceeds 50%, up from less than 5% two years ago

• Riverbed competitive wins and replacements more than doubled in the year

• Record number of virtual WAN optimisation deployments in production data centres

• Launched Software-for-Life upgrade program that offers hardware customers free, anytime upgrade to an equivalent virtual product

• Introduced WAN optimisation by-the-hour for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers