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Six technology sales myths busted

01 Sep 2009

There are a lot of sales myths that not only diminish your chances of success, they also make selling your technology   solution more complicated and harder than necessary.Selling is, in fact, quite simple provided you know, understand and apply some fundamentals – and ignore sales myths. Myth #1: Selling is a numbers game; the greater the quantity of prospects you’re working on, the higher your chances of success. Truth: Selling is only a numbers game if you want to waste time and money going after sales that have no chance of    success.

Rather it is a qualified numbers game. The more qualified prospects you have for your technology solution, the  more sales you’ll make. It’s all about the quality of your prospects.

Myth #2: Learn closing techniques as you need them to close the sale. Truth: Closing techniques are not necessary for closing sales.

Closing techniques are a waste of time unless you are into high-pressure selling. Instead, spend your time learning how  to have a sales conversation which naturally leads to your prospect wanting to do business with you. The only ‘closing’ you have to do is to suggest the next step.

Myth #3: There are natural born salespeople. Truth: Selling is a science; a skill and process that anyone can learn.

‘Fast talkers’ are often mistakenly thought of as natural born salespeople when, in fact, fast talking repels most people.  Talking doesn’t sell; asking questions and listening does.

Those who are doing very well at selling are often thought to be successful because they are naturals, but their  ‘naturalness’ has, in fact, been hard earned by spending a lot of time and effort learning and applying sales skills.

Myth #4: If you improve your sales skills, you will improve your sales results. Truth: This is what I call a ‘half’ myth. To improve the sales results of your technology solution, focus on improving   your sales skills, but also work on your thoughts and beliefs.

Having sales skills is only part of the equation. No matter how good your skills, there will always be a ceiling on your  sales results. That ceiling is set by you, by your beliefs and thoughts.

Myth #5: Focus on getting the sale. Truth: Focus on helping your prospect get what they want.

If your focus and intention is on selling, you will repel potential customers. People don’t like to be ‘sold’, and if you are  focusing on selling your technology solution, the chances are high that your prospect will be looking for ways to quickly end the conversation.

Instead, your focus and intention should be on having a conversation to find out if you can help your prospect get what  they want. Do this and watch how they open up and listen to how you can help them. By focusing on helping people  get what they want, you will make more sales of your technology solution.

Myth #6: Focus on selling your technology solution. Truth: Focus on selling your prospect their end result.

People don’t care about your technology products, your technology services or your technology solution, as that is not  what they’re buying; they are buying an end result. Your technology product, services and solution are simply the  enablers – the method and processes used to get their end result. This is a subtle distinction that will make all the difference to your sales approach and results.

Now that you’ve read the truth about these myths, map out some action steps you can take to benefit from it. Just a  few simple steps have the potential to dramatically improve your sales results – try it and see