SnapperNet becomes first Kiwi MOBOTIX certified company

13 Nov 12

SnapperNet has become the first distributor in New Zealand to complete the MOBOTIX Certified Trainer Program.

The company's solutions and projects consultant, Byron Paul, completed a certification programme which allows the distributor to offer MOBOTIX certified training to its local channel partners.

Recognised as one of the market leaders in network camera technology, German firm MOBOTIX AG produces megapixel cameras exclusively, as well as high-resolution video systems.

“There’s a great demand in New Zealand for MOBOTIX products, which make high-resolution video systems cost efficient through decentralisation,” says Richard Paul, Director of SnapperNet.

“Byron underwent extensive training, as part of our commitment to grow the MOBOTIX brand.

"Our MOBOTIX reseller partners have to complete official training and we previously had only the training provided from the Australian MOBOTIX team.

"Byron’s certification will help accelerate growth in New Zealand while enabling SnapperNet to provide excellent customer service and training through more frequent, smaller training groups.”

Kiwi-owned company SnapperNet says the invitation only two-day trainer course was offered to Byron after he successfully completed the MOBOTIX Campus program and advanced online training modules.

“Being a certified MOBOTIX trainer enables me to bring our new and existing local MOBOTIX customers up to speed with the certification process,” says Byron Paul.

“Planners and installers are, therefore, more familiar with the concepts and practicalities to support their customers with better solutions and implementations.”

“MOBOTIX is unique to the market in that its high-resolution cameras are designed to complete all video processing onboard the camera itself, before any video is sent across the network.

"Competitors, by comparison, send video across the network, and that means more data on your network and further processing power required at the server, that has to turn that data into usable surveillance video.”

The networking and data communication specialists can now offer seminars across New Zealand as part of the training, with MOBOTIX excited at the prospect of hitting the Kiwi market.

“We congratulate SnapperNet for being the first in New Zealand to complete our MOBOTIX Certified Trainer Program,” says Dean Hobin, Business Development Manager for MOBOTIX.

“Part of our global partner offering is the delivery of high level education, training and technical support and we're thrilled that SnapperNet can now offer MOBOTIX Campus Seminars to their New Zealand customers.”

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