SonicWall bolstered by Kaspersky

22 Feb 12

Kaspersky has joined McAfee as a solution provider for SonicWall’s Enforced Client Anti-Virus, a part of the company’s firewall-based security service.

The Enforced Client Anti-Virus extends the chosen anti-virus solution to all end-points within a network, providing multi-layered protection, and automatically updating on each machine to minimise the opportunity for human error.

Swarup Selvaraman, product line manager at SonicWall, says the inclusion of Kaspersky anti-virus provides additional flexibility for users.

"Kaspersky support bolsters our existing offering and gives customers more opportunities to choose the anti-virus solution that best meets their needs,” Selvaraman says.

Go here for more on the Enforced Client Anti-Virus.

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