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SonicWall launches traffic analysis suite

13 Oct 2011

Network security and data protection providers SonicWall have launched a new suite of products to provide IT managers with insights into the traffic on their networks.

The Application Traffic Analytics suite consists of SonicWall Global Management System (GMS) 7.0, the multi-vendor SonicWall Scrutiniser, and SonicWall Analyser, which is targeted at SMBs.

John Gmuender, vice president of engineering and CTO of SonicWall, network administrators are under constant pressure to provide more digital content for the same cost.

"Being able to truly visualise, prioritise and protect network traffic flow is a business-critical requirement,” Gmuender says.

"Our new suite gives the ability to eye-ball and analyse historical and real time data and application flow.

"By delivering granular hindsight, we give our customers the foresight to better plan and manage the corporate network in a way that translates directly to the bottom line.”

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