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Sourcefire on prowl

Security provider Sourcefire is on the prowl for a New Zealand distributor as the company looks to capitalise on increasing awareness of the need for security. John Negron, Sourcefire senior vice president of worldwide sales, says the company is currently ‘actively engaging with candidates’. The move is part of a ‘very aggressive recruitment posture for channel partners’, which Washington DC-based Negron says Sourcefire is engaged in. "The opportunity for partners in this market is phenomenal,” he says. "If you think about network security, it’s typically a top three item on CIOs lists of things to deal with. The market is red hot. "Every day you read about someone, somewhere around the world being hacked,” Negron says. The company saw product revenue climb 44% and technical support and professional services revenue increase 34% for Q4, for revenue of US$53.2 million – a 40% increase year-on-year. Full-year revenue was up 27% to US$165.6 million. Negron says Sourcefire is making ‘very large investments in our team in Asia Pacific, specifically ANZ’. In February the company launched its channel incentive programme, which it says creates an ‘easy-to-use, transparent way to earn incentives while growing business’. The points-based rewards programme features a web-based claims and fulfilment site where Sourcefire will reward partners for a range of activities including generating leads and closing deals, leading technical-driven sales and completing training and certification. The points can then be redeemed for merchandise items such as adventure excursions, sporting, concert and theatre events and gift cards.